October 11th, 2016

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Back from the dermatologist

Where I had a mole on my upper lip removed. I've had it removed twice before, but it kept coming back. The doc doesn't think it'll be coming back after this. It was painless (except for the local, of course), but I keep smelling burning flesh. Aw, yes, that would be me. The whole thing took less than twenty minutes and I made an appointment to go back in six to eight weeks, if necessary. Otherwise he told me to just cancel it.

*Yay* so I will be able to make the staff meeting. *yay* How very happy I am. :P
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Just wondering

Do you ever look at old photos of yourself, say from 10+ years ago) and wonder where that person went?

Can you remember what you were thinking when you look at photos (other than for special events, like a wedding or such)?

Do you ever wish you could just live in the photo and not have to worry about aging or responsibilities (Shades of Sapphire and Steel)