October 16th, 2016

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Obtaining a Tarot Mentor Card

slobberpuppy has a new entry to her SoS blog. Check out the blog to see what connecting with a Tarot Mentor Card is all about! If you do drop by, please be sure to comment and let her know.

I did as was suggested and pulled the Empress card (III of the Major Arcane of the Halloween Deck). Abundance and fertility of mind, body and spirit. Motherhood, nurturing and passion. I was quite pleased with the choice and feels that it fits me pretty well.

What card did you draw?


It's *um* raining here. It's been raining since last night - great news for us, not so much for the Farmers Market. That might not seem like much to people who get regular rainfall, but I can't remember the last rainy day we've had. It's been months, possibly since May.

Yesterday it was blustery all day, the wind coming from the south. It was warm muggy, we even had fog for much of the morning. When it burned off, it was gray and promised rain. Thankfully, the actual rain held off until after the Star Awards had their reception (it was scheduled for the patio at the theatre).

I'm feeling so lazy and relaxed, a unique combination for me, especially on a weekend. The fact that we have nothing to do until going out to dinner tonight with friends is even better.

And because it's the weekend, it's time for Kitty pictures!

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