October 17th, 2016


Just another day in Paradise.

Our lovely day of not doing anything didn’t turn out that way – no real surprise there. It was still raining and heavily at times, but we had to go out to the shed (TBG’s words, not mine) to store the patio curtains and pick up the cat shelter. then we stopped at the Spirit store because he needed a replacement candle that they no longer carried. Then we had some lunch, which was nice. I had some soup and a half a sandwich (pastrami on rye), TBG had a full sandwich (hot turkey) and soup, but also got something called a blueberry pie shake, which came topped with a mini blueberry pie.

After that, we went to TJ’s to pick up some frozen blueberries and then to Jeff’s to fix a computer issue. On the way home, we discovered our usual road had flooded by driving through it. Thankfully there were no other cars and we were in the Bronco. We got home and set up the little cat house for the outside cats. Then I decided to answer some e mail. TBG was on the tablet researching something when we heard a loud crack and one of the massive Birds of Paradise plants out front had come down and was blocking the sidewalk.

So, in the middle of the rain, we were fighting the mud and the wind, trying to get this thing cut up and disposed of… what a mess. The funny thing is that I’ve been after TBG for a couple of months to cut that bird down because I knew it was only a matter of time… Yeah, he wishes he’d listened to me now.

After relaxing for a little bit - TBG hurt his back - we got dressed and headed to Fenix in Lodi to meeting up with our friends. They are going to Terra del Fuego next week and we wanted to give them a nice send off. Fenix had launched its fall menu and it was fabulous. I had duck and it was some of the best I'd ever had. TBG had an albacore fillet, also delicious. Ken had a swordfish loin - we joked about them having legs - and Nancy had a nice steak.

Leaving the restaurant, you never would have known it had rained. Everything was drying out and the sky was clear. Just another crazy day in the Central Valley.