October 22nd, 2016

happy steel

A new Sapphire and Steel

Title: If the Shoe Fits
Rating: G
Word count: 693
Prompt: Wrongly Convicted

It was small things at the start and never anything dangerous, just merely inconvenient. There was a misplaced bit of material or a moved piece of equipment.  Then, over time, and only time the way an Elemental would measure it, things escalated.

“It’s Silver, I tell you!” Jet was not a happy camper.  She had been using the hand torch to smooth some battle scars given her by her latest assignment.  Now it was nowhere to be seen.  Instead, a box of matches was in its place.  “I need that torch.”

“I think you look fine, Jet.” Gold was being magnanimous.  They’d learned to look past outer appearances, but Jet was just a little vain.

“Thank you, Gold.” Jet studied her reflection in the mirror, touching a shallow cut running down one cheek.  Unlike many of the others, she didn’t have the same degree of hardness.  “But it’s still Silver.”

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