October 23rd, 2016


Wow, what an evening

We got to the theatre a little early. It's a small place, cabaret seating, and probably holds about 100 people. Every seat was taken by the time the show started. There were minions working the crowd and loosening people up. They got the virgins on stage for a lesson in the Time Warp, encouraged people to shout out and then did the usual safety announcements.

We were a little concerned about this Frank N. Futer, but two bars into Sweet Transvestite and all those worries were gone. He was fabulous. Best Riff Raff, best Brad and Janet to date. And the guy playing Rocky was gorgeous! They actually got someone buff enough to carry it off.

There were comebacks galore and as we were some of the 'old league' many of our comebacks were new to the crowd. We even had a Magenta and Riff Raff at the table behind us and we had more fun singing with them.

We were both hoarse when we left and floating on a cloud of absolute pleasure.

Yeah, is good... is all good.
happy halloween

For Beany!

I'm hoping this isn't too late for you!

Whole Baked Pumpkin
Serves 4-5 generously
1 pumpkin (5-7 pounds), cleaned out and the top saved
4 eggs
2 cups whipping cream
½ cup brown sugar
1 T. molasses
½ t. nutmeg
1 t. cinnamon
¼ t. powdered ginger
2 T. butter

Remove all but the bottom rack in your over. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Mix all the ingredients with the exception of the butter. Fill the pumpkin with the mixture and top with butter.
Place pumpkin on a baking sheet and replace its top. Bake for 1 ½ hours or until firm like a custard.* If the top gets too dark, cover with tin foil.
To serve, spoon the custard and a bit of the meat of the baked pumpkin into a bowl.

This supposedly was the very first version of pumpkin pie.
*This really varies with your oven. It can take up to two hours.