October 27th, 2016



I need this shirt today. This is the start of a very busy weekend (I know it's only Thursday) for us. Tonight we have to grocery shop, do the shopping for the party and we are having guests for dinner... at six...

Tomorrow we have to get everything put together for the party, such as plates, utensils, crockery, decorations and it would be nice if I put together the questions for the trivia contest. Then in the afternoon, we are heading up to Sacramento to shop, have dinner and see a show. Oh, and get things rolling for 2016 Halloween Challenge in Scrapbook.

Saturday... it's the party and all we have to do is decorate, prep the screen and projector, make the food, have it at the theatre and hope that someone shows up. Could be just the four of us... fingers crossed.

Oh, and did I mention that we are supposed to have massive amounts of rain between now and then... nearly two inches is predicted...when your annual rainfall is ten inches, that's a lot at once.

So, if I'm not around very much, you'll know why! See you on the other side!