October 29th, 2016

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It's Alive! It's Alive!

Well, barely. Yesterday was... what is the word I want? Challenging? Difficult? Crappy? Hmm, all of the above, I think.

It started out with enough promise and I worked hard to get all the usual Friday chores (cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry, washing floors, etc.) done along with the stuff we needed to get done from the party and for the Halloween Challenge in Scrapbook

Then TBG called and told me that he'd spoken with the manager here and that someone would be along to take care of our repairs. Three weeks ago, we asked for someone to come in and check out the mater bedroom toilet, replace the screen for the Sliding glass door leading out to the patio and to look at the sliding glass door itself as it was grating when we opened and closed it.

Yeah, they showed up at two... we were leaving at 3:15 to pick up our friends and drive to Sacramento. They proceed to talk out the door, along with the one that didn't slide, meaning we had to leave the cats in the bedroom for the entire evening. They had food, water and two boxes - that's my idea of heaven to be honest.

We got up to Sacramento amid heavy traffic and headed to Frye's, a electronics store. I stayed in the car and talked with Sparky while the others shopped. After that we headed to the restaurant, which was literally across from the theatre, a matter of a forty second walk.

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The drive home was uneventful and we pulled into our parking space at five after midnight. then the real fun start. Collapse ).

So here I am with a caffeine headache, over a hundred messages in my in box, and a long busy day ahead... The day is sunny and clear, I don't have to be to the theatre until one and I'm hoping there's a nap between now and then. If I don't get to you today, I will, promise!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!