November 3rd, 2016

head banging

We hates it, my precioussss

So I got an email from our MIA business manager complaining that she couldn't open QuickBooks yesterday. It had been acting up a little for me, but all you had to do was click 'open existing company' in my computer and it popped right up. Except it didn't in hers. Somehow, when she made a mess of loading the new QuickBooks in, she set herself up as the primary source and messed with her settings. No, no, no. I had to fix all over again. Then I had to reset stuff on the server and finally got it all to run again. No idea what she did or why... sigh...

Adding to the pressure for this, she left a stack of bills to be paid on my desk, three of which were due this weekend. Really? So I had to run around to get signatures because my boss still can't sign checks yet. What a freaking morning.

I'm so ready to be home I could spit - and look at that only five minute to go. What do you want to bet there will be a phone call from her when I get home whining that she can't get into QB - HA! I brought up the program for her and I'm not answering the phone. Pthbbb, so there.
DMc - The Wind

Just wondering

How are you at returning phone calls?

Do you do it as soon as you get the message or when you can get around to it?

What's the oddest message you've ever gotten?

Have you ever used a:

Or this:

How about this?