November 7th, 2016

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Monday, Monday

Yesterday wasn't too bad for a time-changing day. Usually they leave me feeling all messed up, but I think because we purposefully kept the day clear, that kept it from being too odd.

Did have something a little scary happen last night. I love candles, but because we have kittens and long haired ones at that, I only burn votive candles and they are covered. One is a metal pineapple that has decorative slits in it. For my 50th birthday, TBG had gotten all these small globe-like glass candle holders, which I had, of course, saved. The candle had melted down, so I put a votive on top of it and put it in my pineapple holder. Last night I guess the wax from the old candle caught on fire and we suddenly had a fireball. Talk about scary! TBG was able to grab a flame-resistant potholder and get it into the sink, but for a minute, it was heart stopping. Had we not been in the room, this could have been very bad. Thankfully nothing was damaged, but it's sort of put me off candles, as you can well imagine.

Now I'm at work, trying to get myself geared up to start addressing Christmas cards for our top donors. Just not ready for that yet, despite having already seen holiday lights up and lit (and a decorated tree in their window) - sigh... too soon, too soon.