November 23rd, 2016

Annoyed Napoleon

I'm such a loser

Everyone with the exception of Araceli and me are off this week and they are drawing full salary, while we have to log every minute we are there or not. Araceli said we should start doing the same. Logging our regular hours, but not being as careful.

I'm taking half a day today and I have made up my hours, by coming in and working on my day off and trimming my lunch breaks. She said I should take the whole day and screw SCT. She is thinking of taking Friday off with the same intent (although she has to be there at five for the show). No one would know if I was there or not, except her, and yet... I just can't. My work ethic won't let me. I am being paid to sit behind that desk. There might be nothing to do, nothing to file or type or deal with, yet, I feel duty bound.

Sigh... it sucks to be responsible.