November 28th, 2016

christmas kittens

Oh, boy what a weekend!

The decorations are down, the guys have left and I'm still exhausted despite having gone to bed at 6:30 last night. It was a huge amount of work and I'd do it again in a heartbeat, just not right now.

The guys had dinner with us Saturday night and everything came out great. Even the green bean casserole, which Jason had requested, vanished with no complaints. They both took a big tray of leftovers with them when they left on Sunday. They came for breakfast and a bit more of a visit before doing a little shopping then heading back to the Bay Area. They both looked happy and healthy - what more could a Mom want?

They weren't gone but five minutes and the autumn stuff was coming down and was packed away in even less time. As we had stuff in the washer, we used that as an excuse for a nap. After that, we loaded the two remaining bins into the truck and took them back to the storage shed. We pick up the Christmas stuff, then have lunch. I can safely say we have as much Christmas stuff as Halloween now – 14 Xerox boxes and four big tubs - all in my dining room. I haven’t done anything with it yet, but there’s time. I was so tired that I went to bed at 6:30 last night and slept straight through to this morning, nearly nine hours.

Don't want to think about the mess waiting for me in the office this morning. Instead, let's have some pictures!

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Totoro - rain

24 Day Studio Ghibli Challenge

Day Two

Day Three - a couple - Sheeta and Pazu - Castle in the Sky

This is not one of Studio Ghibli's more popular films, but I really enjoyed the interaction between these two. As with so many of Miyazaki 's films, there is a strong female character and an equally strong male character, both you, both orphans, both determined to do the right thing. For Pazu, it's to prove that Laputa, a mystical city in the clouds, exists. For Sheeta, it is to avoid capture by the evil Col. Muska (played wonderfully by Mark Hamill). Throw in some well meaning, but dangerous pirates, a benevolent robot and a cautionary tale of respecting nature and it's a great little film. I love watching these two young people sort of find their way together and falling in love without meaning to.