December 1st, 2016

Minion xmasblue

What, how did this happen?

What happened to the year? How can it be December already? I'm still stuck in May...

Sorry I've been MIA so much this week, but between work being a little crazy - the week off was good for my boss, he came up with all sorts of new ideas for projects for me - and then coming home to try and decorate (try because, well, kittens...), I haven't been around much.

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That trend is going to continue as we are heading up to the Foothills this weekend, starting tomorrow at noon. that means I'll be off line a good amount of the time. It will be a weekend of fun and frolic. Hopefully, there will also be some time for rest because I am beat... still haven't caught up with my sleep from last weekend. It didn't used to take days to do this.

Remember the guy I was complaining about at work? A few years ago, he had a lien slapped on his pay because of back taxes. Yesterday it was dismissed and supposedly he will be getting a refund for all the money we paid out for it. Oh, and he's getting a nice big raise... I guess it's true what they say about the squeaky wheel. Just three more years...

We are now down to seven seats and the waiting list is three pages long. The only thing left are the wheelchair seats and I'm wondering if they put a metal folding chair in those spots if they can sell them. People seem to be willing to do such things.

Jenny is continuing her ongoing battle with our Santa. He's about 18 inches high and ever since we have brought into the house, she has seen him as her personal plaything. I haven't gotten a shot of her yet wrestling with it, but the kitten as quite attentive when she does. Sigh... poor Santa. I think it's going to be a rough season on him.

Well, welcome, December. Please remember to be kind to us. Please?
Chiro and No Name

The 24 Day Studio Ghibli challenge

Day 5 a relatable character

Day six - a spirit

No moment of hesitation here. No Name from Spirited Away

When Chihiro invites him into the bath house, he eventually eats many of the staff and most of their food. He goes on a rampage, demanding to see Chihiro. She is able to lead him out of the bath house and the farther he gets away, the saner he becomes.

This reminds me a bit of my situation at work. The farther I am from it, the saner I am. Perhaps I should learn to knit :P