December 5th, 2016

meowy christmas

Oh, boy...

You know it's tough when you have to go back to work to rest up from the weekend. It was a busy but fun time. We shopped, ate and laughed quite a bit. I was rubbish at taking photos. Poor Fred never made it out of my backpack once. Poor little guy, he had a hat and scarf and everything.

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Tonight perhaps we will decorate it or at least put lights on it. it depends upon what sort of mess awaits me at the theatre today.

Thanks to everyone for being patient. I will try to get caught up today on everyone's posts. Note the use of the word, try. Here's hoping.

And of, course, there are photos...

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just wondering

When you are/were working, are/were you ever to 'go to' person for fixing the copy machine or some other piece of equipment?

Do/Did you ever talk to the various machines at work?

Do you have a white board (or chalkboard) either at work or at home?