December 7th, 2016

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Our gift from our Pet sitter

Every year Shannon makes a calendar for all her clients. This year, we got a page nearly to ourselves, having to share with Barb. Snickers is her chocolate lab and the center top photo (a little hard to see) is a mom duck and her little ones that hatched in Barb's back yard. She always does a great job of photographing them!

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The 24 Day Studio Ghibli Challenge

Day 10 - the Wardrobe

Okay, not a clothes person, so I don't really pay much attention to outfits ad I don't have a favorite movie based upon them. The women in the Ghilbi world are usually in dresses, not my favorite thing, and the few exceptions, well, I'm not into wearing animal skins.

The Baron (The Cat Returns and Whispers of the Heart) cut a pretty striking figure, though.