December 10th, 2016

Bete Noir

What part of no aren't you getting?

I have come to the realization that Bête Noir is more 'no' deaf than most cats. Like say, this morning. She was outside on the back porch and came in for some 'warm-up huggies' as we call them. She doesn't ask, she just gets up and lays down, I have the choice of holding her or having her digging in with all twenty pointy ends and I have the scars to prove it.

I don't mind holding cats, but I can only manage it for a short time. You see, she is a shoulder kitty. She wants to be cradled like a baby. This plays havoc with my carpal tunnel after a short fashion, not to mention my wonky shoulders and leads to one-hand typing. So, after ten minutes, I put her down. She comes back up. I put her down. She comes back up. I put her down... are you sensing a pattern? This continues until she's finished. Does she come up when I'm watching TV? Of course not. It's only in the morning when I'm trying to work on the computer. The other four all do the same thing, but they go away when I put them down. Not Bête Noir.

And guess who I'm holding right now...

The 24 Day Ghibli Challenge

Day 13 powerful message.

Oh, dear Goddess - that has to be Grave of the Fireflies, the most soul wrenching film I've ever seen. I couldn't stop crying for days afterwards. It was so heartbreaking in that it was true. It tells the story of two young children after their mother is killed by an American fire bomb. The boy is about twelve and his sister is about four and it follows their slow decline into starvation and eventual death. they are sent to live with an aunt, who resents them and the boy decides they are better off without her and exchange a nice house with food for an abandoned shed. The boy feels that they just have to hold on until their father returns. Then he receives word that his father is dead. It just goes downhill from there. It reminded me that there are victims in both sides of a war.

I was so upset by it that eventually I gave the DVD away to Friends of the Library because I would break into tears every time I saw the cover. And yeah, I'm crying now. I have never had a film affect me the way this one did.