December 11th, 2016

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Greetings from Rain Central

The storm that was supposed to hit us on Friday, hit yesterday, so we ended up doing all our holiday baking while it poured out. We made five different cookies this year: Russian tea cakes, pine nut cookies, lemon cherry crowns, double ginger and orange slice cookies, plus we candied some orange slices. We ended up with fifteen trays of cookies or a dozen and a half each.

In between we hung more lights inside since we couldn't work outside. The place is looking quite festive now.

At six we headed over to Jeff's for our annual Christmas party with him and Barb. It's sort of sad now, just the four of us. While we stuck to the one gift promise, they didn't and we felt quite cheap, although our gift was a generous one. We got all sorts of fun stuff, mostly food or cooking items.

Jeff decided on a Asian meal, starting with sushi, then crab miso soup and the entrée was rice, wok charred vegetable and a panko Five spice chicken breast. I don't know what was in the season, but my intestines took exception to it about three this morning and I'm still feeling icky... except now it's time to hang lights. Wish me luck!

And just in case you are bored:

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