December 12th, 2016

lit totoro

The 24 Day Ghibli Challenge

Day 15 - OST - Original Sound track

Hands down it is from My Neighbor Totoro. I know the score by heart and just listening to it is like watching the movie in my head. I love the two songs )Hey, Let's Go and Totoro) both in Japanese and English. Seriously, love that soundtrack. Howl's is the next one.

lit cat

Shh, whatever you do, don't tell Sparky

Ye gods, after having been so careful for so long, I jacked up my back yesterday. It wasn't holding the strands, the endless walking around the trees. It wasn't the cleaning up the dog poop (our neighbor is a pig and I can only imagine what his house looks like with three dogs, including two untrained puppies that he locks in the kitchen). No, I bent to pick up a piece of paper... sigh...

I babied it last night, but I have a feeling it's going to take more than that. I am seriously thinking of using my last sick day and just relaxing. Once TBG gets up, I'll have him go to work and hang a sign. I'm not expecting anything big, especially since the show is closed, the flyers for our next show haven't arrived and the box office is closed. Dennis spent the weekend at the theatre, so I'm expecting that he's taking the day off and Sceona has been on vacation all of last week, so she will be too busy at her other job to give us any time today. I figure if I keep some heat on it and not stress it, it should be okay.

It sounds like the mid west and the east are in the middle of a horrific cold front. I am sending all of you warm thoughts.