December 13th, 2016

Christmas Illya

Welcome to the 12 Fics of Christmas - 2016!

Title: And a Light Bulb in a Pine Tree
Genre: Sapphire and Steel
Prompt: Sapphire and Steel are off to save Christmas and Santa!
For: bonniejean1953

Bonnie - thanks for a fun prompt. I hope you like what I've put together for you.

It was so small at first that no one really noticed. A second here, a second there, barely adding up to a minute by the end of the week.  Then a few more seconds becoming minutes, then Time got greedy, as Time is wont to be.  It wasn’t long before its escapades were noticed.

I feel ridiculous. Steel could barely be seen in the down parka.  The fake fur boots came up to his knees and the extra-long scarf was wrapped about his face and neck.  Heavy gloves hid his hands and the only thing that could be seen of his face were his blue eyes, which were smoldering.

You look rather ridiculous Sapphire answered him as she was doing up her own jacket.  Hers was more fitted, less cumbersome.  But you will be warm and that’s the important thing. You know how you freeze up when you get cold.

It was true that the cold was not Steel’s friend, although he frequently used it as a weapon against their enemy, Time. It had served him well in the past, but there were consequences, often unpleasant consequences and it could take hours, even days for him to rewarm himself. Why can’t Lead come with us? He can insulate me.

It’s not that sort of cold, Steel. Are you ready?

There wasn’t actually time for him to respond. There was a swirl of air and he closed his eyes against it.  It tugged at his clothes, as if testing him for a response.  He’d long since learned to be patient.  The wind took on a cold edge and Steel opened his eyes.

They were standing in a snowy field. The air was so cold that it froze the mucus in his nose and made him gasp.  Sapphire pulled up the muffler, so that he was breathing through the thick cloth.

Where are we?

The North Pole.


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Sapphire and Steel - Snow by Marker-Mistress ...
Howl 2

The 24 Day Studio Ghibli Challenge.

Day 16 - Funniest Moment

Probably from Castle in the Sky when the Dola Gang all fall in love with Sheeta and are helping her out in the kitchen. They act so big and rough and yet they are all totally smitten with her. It always makes me chuckle.

Here is the gang - all brothers with their father. :D