December 15th, 2016

Christmas Illya

The 12 Fics of Christmas - a Visit to the Foothills for Grey853

Title: Three Yelling Chefs
Genre: Slash, but this is G rated
Word Count: 1690
Prompt:It's Christmas Eve and Illya's back has gone out. Disappointed that he is missing Taste's Christmas party, he instead plays host to the Man in the Red Suit.

Grey, Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy your trip to the Foothills

“Okay, just a few more feet.” Napoleon kicked the hall carpet out of the way and helped Illya walk slowly through the living room to the recliner. Carefully, he eased Illya down, but even that brought a hiss of pain in response. “Sorry.”

“Not your fault,” Illya said through gritted teeth as he put reclined it He managed to get one leg up, but he was sweating with the effort.

“I told you to take the pain killer before you left the doctor’s office.” Napoleon lifted the other leg and reached for a blanket.

“And have you try to carry me in? No, thanks. I still have some dignity left. Not much, but some. Besides, if you’d thrown your back out, we’d be in real trouble.” Illya let his head plop back on the pillow and clamped his eyes at the blast of pain. Involuntary tears trickled out the corners of his eyes.

Napoleon said nothing, but pulled out a bottle of anti-inflammatory pills and shook out one into the palm of his hand. “Take this.” He handed it to Illya and then grabbed one of the ever-present bottles of water. While Illya swallowed that one, Napoleon repeated the process with the pain killer. “And this one.”


“Don’t even start with me, Kuryakin.” Napoleon snapped. He felt badly to have to be so firm, but he also knew just how deep that stubborn streak ran. He handed Illya the pill and watched him swallow it. Then he pulled up the blanket and covered Illya to the waist. “Now, you just rest. Do you want me to turn on the tree for you? Do you need something to read?”
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Bete Noir

Oh, boy...

It looks like Bête Noir is a bit precocious and is going into heat at almost six months. She started chirping last night, she has been silent up to this point, except when I stepped on her feet. She is now throwing herself at Titan and trying to get him to 'play' with her. This is not exactly the Christmas present I wanted... Guess she'll be heading to the vet's to becoming a lady sooner than I expected. Sort of glad I'm at work now... but TBG, who is on vacation until the end of the year, isn't happy...