December 17th, 2016

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For Jkkitty and Lidafishes - Five Purring Kits

Title: Five Purring Kits
Genre: Slash, but G rated
Word Count: 1365
Prompt: Illya finds a basket of kittens just in time for the holidays.

jk and lindafishes8, I hope you enjoy your Christmas story! I certainly did have fun writing it! :D

Illya walked the last half block to Del Floria’s Tailor shop at a brisk pace. It was freezing, too cold for snow, although the forecasters had promised it was going to be a white Christmas.

Illya didn’t really mind. He still had shopping to do. He’d gotten everyone on his list something, except for his partner, Napoleon.

At the mere thought of the man’s name, a warm feeling started in Illya’s toes and shot upwards, it tarried briefly around his groin, then headed straight for his heart. Soon he’d be picking Napoleon up at the airport.

Illya checked his watch. Napoleon’s plane didn’t get in until two. He had from now to then to come up with something. Surely not another tie or cuff links. No, it had to be extraordinary. He’d talked with April and Mark, with George and anyone else who might have an idea. He’d be surprised if Waverly wasn’t aware of his plight. The man seemed to know everything, often even before the thought occurred to the owner.

He was so lost in his thoughts that he tripped on the box and nearly face planted on Del Floria’s threshold.

“Mr. Kuryakin, are you all right?” One of UNCLE’s many Del Floria’s was by his side. “What happened?”
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Chiro and No Name

The 24 Day Ghibli Challenge

Sort of missed yesterday, so it's a two for one!

19 - an item

Well, I have to admit being pretty fond of the soot sprites (Spirited Away and My Neighbor, Totoro

20 - The Adventure

Well, I'm not much for adventure, to be honest. I would settle for Satsuki's and Mei's adventures growing up in the country and exploring their world with Totoro.