December 19th, 2016

Christmas Illya

For Nakeisha - Seven Warning Signs - 12 Fics of Christmas

Title: Seven Warning Signs
Genre: Slash
Rating: PG
Word count: 1753
Prompt: Napoleon's and Illya's first Christmas as a couple

Nakeisha, you were one of my first friends here, so I am delighted to offer you this story as your Christmas gift. I hope you enjoy it!

At first Illya didn’t understand what the big deal was. Of course he knew that his partner was crazy about Christmas. It hadn’t taken very long for him to suspect. Come around the end of October, Napoleon would start humming carols, although Illya didn’t recognize them as such. Over the years, he became familiar with them. Then he would start introducing odd phrases into daily conversations:

“Have you been a good boy?”

“Hmm, naughty or nice?”

“Ho, ho, ho!”

Then came the Macy’s Day parade and it was game over as far as Illya was concerned. Once Napoleon saw Santa in the parade, it was goodbye any sense of propriety and hello, Christmas. This only became worse when they became a couple. Next would be the decorations, the cards, the parties, the cookies and the shopping. That was the worst. Napoleon smugly declared the closet in the guest room as off limits and left Illya in a tailspin.Collapse )
Howl 2

The 24 Day Ghibli Challenge

Day 22 Cast

Ghibli has managed to attract some of the best voices around from Michael Keaton (Porco Rosso), Christian Bale (Howl), Tim Curry (The Cat Returns), Mark Hamil(Castle in the Sky) and so on.  I love them all.  I don't pick a movie for the voices, rather I pick the movie for the script and the artwork. Great voices are just extra.