December 20th, 2016


For celestiallove28 Your 12 Fics of Christmas gift

Title: Eight Minutes Waning
Genre: Slash - MFU - movie
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1612
Prompt:Napoleon and Illya spend their first Christmas together in a ski cabin drinking hot cocoa and exchanging gifts

Celestriallove28, I hope that you enjoy your gift and that you will have a lovely and fun-filled Christmas!

“Brr, it’s cold outside.” Napoleon Solo stamped the snow from his very expensive Italian shoes. He took off his tailored topcoat and hung it up carefully in the closet. He liked money. He liked expensive things, but he could remember a time when he had neither. That made him all the more careful now. Some people saw it as arrogance and that was just fine with him. A good spy knew how to hide in plain sight.

“You’re weak, Cowboy.” Illya Kuryakin looked up from the chessboard he’d been studying for the past five minutes. “You need to toughen up.” He went back to the board, but watched his partner from the corner of his eye. The opposite of Napoleon, Illya wore a black turtleneck that could be bought in any clothing store. His slacks were off the rack as were the boots he wore. His personal allowance from the KGB never encouraged a well-tailored look and Illya preferred to spend was few rubles he had on food and drink.

“Not all of us have anti-freeze for blood, Peril.” Napoleon headed for the fire. He snagged a bottle of brandy on the way. “Have we heard from Gaby?” He poured equal measures into two glasses.

Da. She sends her regards from Barcelona and the microdot is being delivered as we speak. She is going to stay and enjoy the warmth.”
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Minion xmasred

Yay, Tuesday

I'm no real fan of Tuesdays, this despite having been born on one. However, today is our Christmas party and that's always a good time. It's held at my favorite Chinese restaurant, close to the theatre, and not horrifically pricey. I have set some decorations on the table to take with me as I will leave at 11 to go and help get the room in order. There will be flowers, lights and Christmas cheer, even if I have to reach down people's throats and rip it out.

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Bête Noir is out of heat, thankfully, and is back to her silly self. She has become quite fond of a little wooden tiger on the tree and no matter where we put it, she pulls it off. since the tree's four degree angle has become five, we have called it a draw and keep it in the lower, easily-reached branches.

Celia and MissDiane, thank you for my cards! Sparky and Bonniejean, thank you for my packages! We will be eating well because of you two! *hugs* to all of you and I hope the week and this Tuesday is kind to you.

The 24 Day Ghibli Challenge

Day 23 - Ending.

Hands down, it's Howl's Moving Castle. Sophie and Howl are together, safe and happy in each other's arms. Markel has the family he longed for. The Witch of the West has the love she long sought and even Heen is happy. it was the happiest of endings, but it also makes me want to cry because I want it to go on forever. I wish there had been a second movie.

cat in snow

What breed of cat are you?

Stolen from nakeisha.

You are a Maine Coon

As a Maine Coon cat, you are the most noble and majestic of beasts. You know how to behave in front of people, you always know what to say and when to say it, and you can adapt yourself easily to new environments. You are polite, laid-back, respect traditions, and love the people around you.

What breed of cat are you?

Warning - this ran really slow for me and it's longer than I expected (24 questions). It quit on me once and I had to do it again.