December 21st, 2016

bunny kisses

For Loxleyprince - your 12 Fics of Christmas gift!

Title: Nine Presents Hopping
Rating: G
Genre: Man from UNCLE (and guests)
Word Count: 1191

Sorry, Loxley – you know I can’t help it. I assure you no rabbit were hurt in the writing of this story…

Illya blew into his hands and hunched his shoulders against the wind. Inwardly, he chastised himself for letting the weather get to him. He knew the winters had been far harsher when he was a boy. He could remember huddling around a small fire and sharing a tattered blanket with his siblings. Yet somehow, he didn’t remember it as a hardship. It had been life; you dealt with it or you died.

Now thirty years later, he was bundled up in his warm coat, hat, gloves and boots and shivering. Of course, he did have a dozen or so bones that protested the cold weather these days. He also noticed that it took more and more effort to crawl out of bed on these wintery mornings.

A familiar shape hurried towards him, carefully balancing a dozen or so boxes.

“Finally. Are you through?” The sharp nod told Illya that perhaps the day’s hunting hadn’t been exactly positive. “Okay, I have reservations for eight. We need to hurry.” He grabbed an armful of packages and grunted. “What did you buy, rocks?”

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The 24 Day Ghibl Challenge

Day 24 - three favorite movies

For anyone following along, those should be hard to guess:

My Neighbor Totoro

Howl's Moving Castle

Spirited Away

Thanks for coming along with me as I explored the world of Ghibli!
Bete Noir

that little devil

Bête Noir decided to climb the tree last night. Thank TPTB, TBG was close enough to grab it and her. She looked so innocent and contrite, that, of course, we forgave her. Yeah, that was all a trap. This morning she paid the price as I took sap out of her fur. Wonder if either of us learned anything from it.

And why do I think her brother put her up to it?