December 22nd, 2016


For Ragnarok_08 - your 12 Fics of Christmas gift

Title: Ten Laughing Friends
Genre: NCIS
Rating: G
Word count: 1632
Prompt: Ducky alone at Christmas

Merry Christmas, ragnarok_08. I hope this helps you have a happy holiday

Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard took one last sip of his Tom and Jerry and sighed. The Christmas tree was brightly lit and Johnny Mathis softly crooned on about silver bells. The fireplace was crackling away, even if it was gas and not wood. The windows were slightly frosted and outside the world was blanketed in snow. All was peaceful and silent, including his home.

The dining room table sat quiet and empty. Somehow, Christmases in his condo were even worse than when he was back in the house he’d shared with his mother. It was strange how the death of one person changed everything. Even when she was at the nursing home and Alzheimer’s had made him a stranger, she was still there, around every corner of the old house. He had his memories of the many parties they had thrown. When she was younger, his mother was quite the socialite and Ducky remembered their holiday parties with special fondness.

Ducky smiled as he walked to the Christmas tree. There were several corgi ornaments, many that he’d purchased for her after coming to America. He touched the closest one and felt a thick rock of sorrow choke him. Now Christmas was just another day. Even Jethro was busy, mostly running roughshod over Agent Fornell. Despite his sadness, Ducky managed a tight smile. Those two were good for each other and he was glad neither of them would be alone today. Fornell’s daughter, Emily would visit them and that would bring life back to both men.
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Really tempted, though

I am not permitted over time. I have to take it as comp time, so when I worked three hours last Friday, I told the business manager that I was taking today from 11 off (I work until 3). All week I have been dreaming about being free of this place from 11 on until Jan. 3rd.

Today she sends me an email informing me that someone will be coming by the theatre at noon and I am to stay until the person gets here. I so want to hurt her right now... Because I know sure as God made little green apples no one is coming.

Three more years... just three more years...
Laura Petre

Just wondering

So the list is out the for the most disliked words/phrases of 2016: Whatever, no offense but, I can't even, You know right? and huge.

Do you agree or disagree with the list?

What word/phrase would you like to never hear again?

What word/phrase would you like to hear a lot more?