December 29th, 2016


A bit of an anxious day ahead

Yesterday, I girded my loins and called the vet.  Titan and Pye were due for shots and Bête Noir needed to be fixed. They determined that because Pye no longer goes out that she didn't need a leukemia shot. I'm good with that. However my little Muffin Man, now six months old and nearly nine pounds, needed all of his. I had been holding off because we nearly lost his sister due to an allergic reaction. Of course, she was barely four pounds then.

Okay, so the boys are going in and by this, I mean all the boys. I have a doctor's appointment that I may or may not be back from. TBG announced that it was fine and he'd take them Sigh... this has the potential to go badly. I can only hope the doc is on time and fast, for TBG's sake.

Bête Noir is going in on Tuesday to be fixed and I'm hoping it will all go well. We had one cat go psycho after being fixed, went from being sweet and loving to a hell cat. I worry about that and her size. She seems so small. They want to give her her shots at the same time, but we will see. I have asked them to keep her for a day afterwards, just in case and to give her a chance to heal a bit before bringing her back home to the mob.

Updated to add, she seems to have gone into heat again... this can't be good.

In my heart of hearts, I know what we are doing is right, but I worry. 2016 hasn't been the kindest of years, if you know what I mean.


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They wish. I got home in plenty of time to help TBG take the boys in to see the vet. They both did well, although someone wet themselves - we won't name names. Patachou is doing okay so far. He's cleaning and pretending that it was no big deal. We will keep an eye on him, but the vet did due diligence, giving him a shot of cortisone and keeping him there for a half hour to make sure there were no immediate adverse reactions.

Talked to him about Bête Noir and he said it is not unusual for cats to have back-to-back-to-back heat cycles. We are hoping we can catch this one on Tuesday.

So far, so good.
chef klibancat

five by five

It's a bit early, but I thought do this while I'm thinking of it.

Can you name five different kinds of apples?

Can you name five different kinds of beans?

Can you name five different kinds of citrus?

Can you name five different kinds of leafy greens

Can you name five different kinds of junk food?

Which one was the easiest for you?