December 31st, 2016

not a happy camper

Just one more thing, 2016, Good Bye!

So, I have pretty good health overall. I get a cold about once a year and managed to avoid the flu, thanks to flu shots (you know where this is going, don't you?).

Yesterday, we drive up to Sacramento. Thanks to an incoming storm, the shoulder, wrists and back isn't happy, but better living through medicine, I've taken my anti-inflammatory and some aspirin. We stop at Frye's for The Big Guy to pickup some stuff for work. Then we head over to Venito's, a Mexican place that we fancy. We are early, so we got drinks (white wine for me, root beer for our designated driver) and apps while we wait for our friends to arrive.

They do, we have a nice meal, go back to their place to look at their Christmas decorations and TBG suggests that they ride with us (they have a parking pass). We are seeing 'White Christmas' for the nth time and none of us are exactly happy about it.

The show isn't bad, dancing and singing is great as is the orchestra and at intermission, TBG gives me some peppermint gelato. It was okay, no great shakes. then I notice that I'm feeling odd, like really gassy. But, hell, the music is loud and the theatre is packed.

This is where things get bad. I won't go into excruciating details, but the ride home was miserable. I got to the toilet just as both ends let go and was violently ill. No worries about having those extra chips, they didn't stay for long.

After a miserable twenty minutes, I was fine, totally and completely fine. This morning I'm tired, but feel good otherwise. There were no clams in what I ate, so an explanation is lost on me. The only odd thing is that I had white wine instead of red. The last time this happened, we were at friends (the same people we are going to see tonight - eek) and they served white wine. Hmm, this is odd and a little confusing. Have I developed a sensitivity to white wine but not red wine? I have no idea. This growing old stuff isn't for the weak.

I figure it's 2016 giving one last thing to remember it by...
Sparky and Spikesgirl

Okay, according to Sparky

who has not had any caffeine yet - my gastric/intestinal issues are all Putin's fault and the Russian have hacked my guts...

I think Sparky needs one of those nice jackets that ties in the back...

Now she's singing, Putin made me Poo. Someone help the Spike.