January 11th, 2017

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Odd day to be sure

I'm still trying to decide if today is a friend or not. Again, I woke up with no pain, although I did have a headache from too much wine last night. I got really choked up listening to President Obama last night. What a gifted speaker he is. The whole thing made me depressed... between the crap at work and now this impending change, I'm not feeling very confident.

The early morning went well enough. There were a mess of avocados down, so I gathered them up for work. I got in and my phone was ringing. Our VP of Finance was frantically looking for two bills that she lost. This is the person who criticize me for forgetting things, but I was sympathetic and helpful. Didn't find them, but I get points for trying.

Then we got a call from our bank rep. Dennis has been trying to get a credit card since September. He did all the stuff they asked and nothing happened. Last night I suggested that perhaps he needed to talk to our rep. She called me this morning wanted to know what was happening. He will be happy to know that he will soon have a card. Sigh...

We have a staff meeting scheduled for eleven. It will be interesting to see who will be here. But hey, there's a beautiful rainbow out and the sun is shining.
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Just wondering

Imagine that someone gave you a box of everything you'd ever misplaced in your life -

What would you be the happiest to re-connect with?

Do you think there would be any surprises in it?

Is there anything you wouldn't want to see again in it?