October 31st, 2017

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Borrowing from Siduri

Siduri posted a tarot spread for working with our ancestors, be they of blood or not.

Tarot spread for working with the Ancestors-from Beth Owlsdaughter

I'm more than a little confused by my reading. I used my Halloween deck and pulled three cards, but they were all from the Major Arcana: The Empress, The Fool and the World.
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It seems like a particularly strong reading and I'm getting that my ancestors are blessing me with an abundance and a fertility of mind, body. and soul. However, to claim them I must surrender my playful innocence and freedom from preconceptions. If I can, well, the world is mine. I'm just not sure if I'm willing to pay that sort of price.
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A Halloween Treat for Evil Little Dog

Title: A Bridge Too Far
Genre: Buffy the Vampire Hunter
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1793


“What creepy old woods.” Buffy Summers wrapped her arms around herself and wished for something concrete, a building, a piece of sidewalk, anything that reminded her of civilization.

“Says the girl who hangs around cemeteries and kills vampires for a living,” Xander quipped, but he kept close to Buffy, Willow, and Giles. He was brave, but he was careful.

“Hey, in the cemetery, I’m in control. Out here…” Buffy shuddered. “Out here there’s too much stuff.”

Willow giggled. “These are trees, Buffy, and trees are your friends. They make oxygen, provide shade and shelter--”

“And you can make stakes out of them,” Xander finished. “Am I not right, G-Man?”

“I’ve asked you to never call me that.” Giles consulted the book he carried. It was a dusty old tome, but its weight gave him a sense of security.

“So why are we here?” Willow tipped her head back to look up at trees as they disappeared into the night sky. She twirled around once and giggled quietly. As opposed to the others, she loved being in the woods. They made her feel grounded and content.

“We are looking for something or someone, as the case might be.”
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too much candy

A Halloween Treat for sidhe_uaine42

Title: The Welcome to Night Vale Affair
Genre: Man from UNCLE
Rating: PG
Word count: 2056

Prompt: Please see notes at the end of the story

The wind blowing in from the car window was neither cool nor refreshing. Illya wasn’t exactly sure where they were in their trek through the southwest desert, but Napoleon hummed softly, so Illya wasn’t concerned.

The nice thing about these sedans and his size is that he was nearly able to stretch out across the bench seat in the back. Napoleon always ended up with a crick in his neck or a stiff back.

He continued to doze, knowing that Napoleon would immediately offer to let him drive the moment he could. While Napoleon was a good driver, he preferred not to.

There was something on the radio, a voice, melodious and soothing. “I’m Cecil Gershwin Palmer and welcome to Night Vale. Remember when your children are out playing to watch for the color of the helicopters. If they black, they are from the world government and children should avoid looking directly at them. If they are blue, they are from the local government and probably won’t steal more than one of your children. If they are painted with a bird of prey, run home, shutter your window and do not come out until the carnation has been placed on your doorstep. And remember, Gatorade is basically soda, so give your children plenty of healthy Night Vale water to drink. It helps you forget.”
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