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Following the herd - my day in pictures

Someone urged me to do this. My days are all pretty much the same and seem pretty darn boring to me. However, now you can be the judge.

Here I am leaving the house

And arriving at work.  I take the car because I pick up TBG after work

My desk/desktop.  Where did those little kittens go?

One of my coworker - Brian is painting rocks

This morning I worked in the prop room, putting old shows away and getting everything ready for Mamma Mia.  Props are arranged by appearence on stage and broken into two acts. this is a very prop light show

Walking home from work for lunch, looking back at the theatre

Our happy little walkway

my daily lunch - a Weight Watchers entree, a piece of fruit, salad and water - yum...

My lap buddy for lunch.  Jenny is in the background waiting her turn

Walking back to work through our complex

Back at my desk and working on updating Flex Pass holders.  You can see how loaded down with work I am/

Driving downtown to get TBG.  I can thankfully take back strees most of the way. We have lots of trees in Stockton

A time stamp as I wait three traffic lights away from getting to the AT&T building.

A quick stop at the post office on the way home.

Feeding of cats is a delicate matter.  The white plastic plates are for our outside mob - none of whom showed up for feeding.  Same with mine - they were all out back, enjoying the mild temperatures.

Getting ready to cook dinner - tonight was a quick and easy stir fry.  I had my 'Classics from the Crypt' CD playiing while TBG watched the news.
There you have it.  A typical day for me.

Tags: real life, sct
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