September 1st, 2018

Remorseful Illya

The One in Which Spikey Feels Really Guilty

After talking with the vet, they assured us that Minnie was ready to come home and she was very eager, meowing and chattering all the way home. She was thrilled to see her kittens, but then she noticed she was one short. For the next two hours, she called and called for him. It was heartbreaking and I felt so bad. I know it was for the best and all that, but I just wish I could have explained it to her.

She tried to get out at first, but has calmed down. The kittens seem to know that they need to let her rest. When I first brought her home, she ate as if it was going out of style. Now she's mostly just snacking and sleeping. I gave her some pain medicine, but I'm letting it take effect before giving her an antibiotic. I suspect she will be quiet today and maybe tomorrow before reattempting an escape.

Last night we went out to Mezzo and had a lovely time and a fabulous meal. Barb joined us and we talked about our upcoming Italy trips, which seemed only appropriate as we gorged ourselves silly on yummy Italian food. She (and Jeff) leave a week from Wednesday and will be back the middle of October. We head out ten days after that. I'm hoping to have the kittens placed by then, but if not Barb V has agreed to foster them while we are gone so they don't have to stay cooped up all day and night in the bathroom. Yes, everything seems to come back to the kittens these days. Sigh...

Have a lovely weekend and for those of you who have Monday off-*yee haw!*