September 10th, 2018

bad day

The One in Which Spikey Goes Crazy

Okay, I thought it was bad when she was calling for one... now Totoro and Harry have gone off to their forever home and Minnie is beside herself. She is calling and calling. I've had to put her out because she has figured out how to escape into the house. Yesterday was especially bad. I wouldn't mind, but she is terrorizing my guys. I think it might be time to make a call to a non-kill shelter. For their part, I'm not even sure Scully and No Face know their siblings are gone or miss them. And, yes, there were tears. I just worry about little Harry. She's so scared all the time, I hope they will be patient with her.

We spent the morning with the kittens in the front patio, playing and just enjoying them. Today I will start making calls again to see if I can find homes for the last two kittens... or last kitten actually. Shannon's sister said she would take the last one if it came down to it. My hope is I can find one more person who will take the two.

Had a very interesting afternoon at the CMT (California Musical Theatre) garden party. It is the thank you party that they throw every year for their top subscribers. We had several board members come and chat with us about the upcoming season and our concerns about movie to the auditorium for the 2020/21 season while they refurbish the Event Center. The actress who play Sophie in this summer's Mamma Mia performed four pieces from various musicals and that was fun. The food wasn't as good as in years past, but the wine was better than last year. Still it was nice to hang out with Ken and Nancy for a while.

My apologies for not having been around much yesterday. I needed an off-line day. Hope everyone had a fun weekend and will not have a horrible week ahead.
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Boy, are they right about me with this one.
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Good thoughts, please

At two this afternoon, I am going to take Minnie in to a very small and fairly exclusive adoption center. I have all her papers ready to go and while I know that this is a much better position for her to be in than locked in my bathroom, I am still starting to feel a Judas (and not in a sexy David McCallum sort of way, either). this will depend upon whether or not they will accept her and that's where I need to good thoughts. This will mean the difference between a life in luxury or one that isn't.

I know I've asked for so much of your good wishes already, but if you have a spare one or two, I could really use them now.
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