September 14th, 2018


And soon there will be none

Scully... I mean, Lelia is off to her new home, leaving just No Face behind... Oh, my gosh, the crying and wailing that went on. I tucked him into the bathroom with all his toys and food, but that didn't help. Happily, upstairs we couldn't hear it, but this morning is another story... which is why I'm in the kitchen, typing with one hand and playing with the other. It's going to be a long morning if I have to sit on the floor in here, but since it's my last bit of time with him, I don't mind. My back, well, that's another story.

It was so funny. Ashley came in and started crying when she saw Scully and Scully ran up to her, as if to say, "It's okay, Mom, I'm right here." Ashley's friend confided in me that she has spent over $300 dollars in cat stuff for her new arrival. I think she will be well loved.

And he found his purr ths morning. Now if only the sandman will find him...
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Happy Piggy

And it's over.

No Face went with his two little girls this afternoon. I hope he will have as happy a life as his siblings. And, yes, there were a few tears, but mostly I'm just happy at the outcome.