September 16th, 2018

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Enjoying the fall afternoon

It's been one of those weekends that had nothing planned and yet just blasted by with no real chance to catch our collective breaths.

Friday we went out and picked up our documents for the trip and today I put a deposit down on the mask making class. We still haven't figured out what we are doing with the cooking class as the one we were going to do with meant a trip back to the mainland, then a train, then a taxi. It would end up costing as much as the class itself. That's not cool. So, we are back to the blackboard with it.

Yesterday after doing our shopping and digging the fall stuff out of the shed, we had our flu shots and then we both got our pneumonia shots. My arm is still sore from that one and I could not wake up afterwards. Happily, dinner was a roast, which meant everything went into one pot and that was it. It turned out great.

Then we got a call from the theatre. Our PBX went out at work. TBG rigged something so we still have phones, but now it's a scramble to find something new. He and Dennis are working on that today.

Today has been cleaning, from scrubbing the floors to vacuuming to laundry and everything in between. The house is the cleanest its been in months. Got a picture of Scully 'helping' her pet with the laundry - i.e. she's sleeping in the laundry basket. Ashley says she is totally in love with her.

AND, I spoke with No Face's new owner. She said he is happy and they love him very much. They named him Charlie after me so he would never forget me. She said I could call any time and that she would be sending pictures soon... Another happy ending... :D All's well and all that stuff.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!