September 21st, 2018

kitten in leaves

The Friday Five for September 21, 2018

With the start of Autumn just a few days away in this hemisphere and Spring about to start in the other –

1. Do you have the urge to do a Fall/Spring cleaning as soon as the weather turns?

2.What tells you that the season (a certain smell, a certain taste, that sort of thing) has changed?

3.What do you look forward to the most with the change of seasons?

4. What is something that you probably should accomplish but won’t this season?

5. What is the most enjoyable part of the oncoming season for you?

1. I like to give the outside a good cleaning off, mostly to get rid of the spider webs and clearing out the garden in the front. Inside, I will clean everything as I'm taking stuff down to prepare to decorate for the holidays. The items I put away will be dusted before being placed in a storage box. All cloth items(hangings, valances, table coverings, etc.) will be washed and ironed before being put away. That way they will be ready come January. It's a busy time.

2. Usually the feel of the air, it has a special crispness that tells me fall is coming. It can happen quite early, but it's a safe bet that there are changes due soon.

3. When I was a kid, it was, of course, the holiday season. Halloween, then Thanksgiving and the penultimate Christmas, all promised fun, good food and usually some time off from school. That was a huge plus in my book.

4. I always say that I'm going to do some 'canning' like I used to. We used to make pickles and jellies/jams when we were first married. My sister always used to do fabulous things with apples (sauce, cider, and so on). There just doesn't seem to be the time anymore.

5. Oh, the cooler weather, for starters. I love the changing leaves and the smells of fall. Rain will soon be coming (the last time it rained here was in May) and the longer nights mean it'll soon be time for warm fires and candlelight. It's the most wonderful time of the year.