September 22nd, 2018

I see you

Oh, life, you old kidder...

Yesterday was an up and down day. Got tons of stuff done, from creating a quilting pattern to making a materials(fabric) list to household chores. It felt good to get stuff caught up with.

I went over to Petco and discovered all sorts of UTI things, from wet food to treats. On the plus side, Bête Noir and Pye loves the treats, the dry and the wet food. The minus is, of course, the price, but if they eat it, then I'm happy.

TBG brought home a pizza for lunch - a rare treat, the pizza, not him coming home - and we were watching TV and eating when a dog started barking. Titan was inside with us and he fluffed out to three times his usual size and headed out the door. Up ran a terrified Jenny, Bête Noir and Pye and Titan took off after the dog. Poor think never knew what hit him, but I guess no one beats up on his wimmen 'cept Titan. Patachou, doofy boy that he is, slept through the whole thing. The owner apologized and convinced the dog to come away. Titan was not having any of it. Of course, we praised him and even gave him a treat for his efforts.

All was bliss and happiness until I got a text from Kayli, Scully's owner (why I thought her name was Ashley, I will never know) saying that Lila (her spelling) was gotten as an emotional support animal and was going to be certified, but because she had been vaccinated, the papers were being held. The university was going to do a room check and she needed someone to take Scully. It ripped my heart out to say no, but with Bête Noir just starting to feel better, I had to.

ACT Spay & Neuter Clinic do low cost vaccinations and microchips all day Tuesday and Thursday and so I gave Kayli that info. Barb V agreed to take her (she has an empty cat room at the moment - yes, this lovely woman has a room dedicated to fosters - and would be happy to take Scully. I gave Kayli her number and that's it... except I feel so guilty. I wanted to take Scully so badly, but I feel like I now need to put the needs of our guys first.

We went out to dinner over to Mezzo with Barb V. and we had a blast. She is lovely company and is more like us than anyone else. I have a feeling we will be hanging with her a bit more in the future. We stopped off at the Asian market beforehand and I have lovely vegetables and fresh noodles and some different sake to try.

I hope all of you will have a lovely weekend and remember to be good to yourselves!