September 27th, 2018


Well, that's not good.

Because we had friends coming down to see the show on Friday, we swapped everything around so that we could do the wine wall and still see them. And last night they cancelled. Something big happened at their work (they work for a theatre in Sacramento) and it wasn't a good thing. They didn't feel inclined to do theatre as a result. It's a shame, but that's okay as it takes a lot of pressure off me. We decided to go with Friday as the numbers are higher than Saturday and that gives us a day off from the theatre.

This is supposedly the last hot day of the week. Now we cool back down to the 80's and even the 70's. I can't wait. They are even bandying around the 'r' word.

I hope today finds you surviving and even able to anticipate the weekend.
What, Doctor

Okay have to vent for just a minute.

A patron just called to complain about Hair. She couldn't believe how vile and disgusting it was. She left at intermission with her daughter. She wanted to know if the rest of the shows were going to be as equally disgusting.

I pointed out that there was an R rating on the show, the mailer, poster and season submission form all warned about the language, the sex, implied drug usage and nudity. There are signs hanging on the windows, in the lobby and on the doors to the house... but it's our problem that she has an issue?

"Well, I'm just so used to you having wholesome shows that I didn't bother to check," she answered.

Wholesome... The Full Monty, The Ritz, Best Little Whorehouse, Chicago? They will be happy to know they are considered wholesome next to Hair.

Thanks for letting me get it off my chest...
Thoughtful David McCallum

Just wondering

Let's have some kitchen fun!

Do you own a blender, food processor and/or mixer?

Do you ever use them?

Do you have a favorite brand of cooking ware, such as: All Clad, Revereware, Pyrex, Calphalon, etc.?

Bonus question:

Are you motivated by motivation posters?