September 30th, 2018

kitten in red

The One in Which Spikey Feel Pretty Darn Good About Things

So we had a pretty good night with the Wine Wall. We did come to a couple of conclusions, though. Dennis definitely needs to make an announcement before the show about it (we made most of our sales last time at Intermission and afterwards - this time not so much). And we need signage because people thought we were selling sandwiches.

However, that said, we made $300 and sold over two cases of wine. Not bad for an audience of 185.

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Yesterday was our standard shopping day and we made the most of the cooler weather. We even stocked up on cat food - not enough to get us all the way through the vacation, but close to it.

After that we did a mess of other things, such included make sausage and rigatoni for lunch (prepping for Italy, doncha know?), returning the wine and rack to Barb's, napping, shampooing those trouble spots on the carpet and making chicken scaloppini with sundried tomatoes and peas for dinner.

Even Bête Noir was exhausted...

I even finished backing the GD's pillow and another one for good measure.

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