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October 13th, 2018

a new Working Stiffs

Title: Once More with Rhythm
Genre: Man from UNCLE
Rating: PG
Word Count 2182

My thanks to Mpriest for her plot bunny and to sparky955. The link takes you to AO3

a tasteCollapse )

Just checking in

It's been one of those weeks that seemed as if it was dragging and then suddenly it was over.

Work has laid down all sorts of new rules, most of which have been part of the business office's requiem forever. Now Dennis is trying to get the shop to toe the line. I don't see it happening, but who knows. So far, Brian is playing along, but I don't see that lasting for very long. He doesn't go well with rules.

Vacation is just ten days away and I'm so ready. We took our old suitcases to Goodwill yesterday. It took forever for TBG to let go of our hard sided pieces, but he has. Now we just have four soft-sided ones. They seem to hold up better. It's possible that tomorrow we will grit out teeth and start packing. I prefer to start early and adjust as we go along. It stresses out the cats a little, so we try to wait, but it's time.

Had a great dinner with Barb last night. She share some of her goodies from Italy with us and then we went to dinner at Co Co-ro. It was a sort of crazy culinary day as we had quesadillas for lunch, Italian for apps and Japanese for dinner. She has some great stories to tell and it was so good to have her back home.

Now I must go do some Italian lessons. I wish Duolingo had a 'travelers' section so we could concentrate upon more useful phrases than, "Io sono una donna."

Have a great weekend all! Remember to be good to yourself! You're the only you you've got.

Just because it made me laugh...

This is No Face, a spirit from Spirited Away. He was known for his enormous appetite.


Just wondering

Do you watch too much TV or stream too many things?

Have you ever planted a tree?

What's the heaviest thing you can lift?


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