December 8th, 2018


Not exactly what I was expecting

So, as I explained yesterday, we were heading to the Foothills at around noon. Well, when TBG went out to start the Bronco to go to work, it wouldn't... again! So, I took him to work and came home to pack.

All the while, my ear was feeling worse and worse. By the time I picked upon him at 01:30, it wasn't good. He suggested going to Doc in the Box - an emegency clinic. We arrived at 10:40... we left at 2:40. I was not a happy camper and I swear that's it for me. I am going someplace else. Part of the reason is that the only doc there is now in a wheelchair following a less than complete recovery from back surgery.

His diagnosis - an ear infrection... yes, I have stuff draining out of the ear at the time I suspect there's something going on, too. Sigh. I got two shots and a written RX for three more. That accomplished, we we picked Barb up, who raged against the doctor and a little at us for enabling him by staying, but I never thought it would be that bad.

Trip up the hill was perfect and it only took ten minutes at the Jackson CVS to fill my prescriptions. I feel much better, although my ear is still plugged and I can't really hear much. At least it's not oozing anymore and the crackling has stopped.

Last night we did a bit of shopping in Sutter Creek before heading over to Stanley's for dinner(started with gnocci, then I had shrimp carbonara, Barb had a filet and TBG prime rib. It was all fabulous). Today we will start out at The Well, our favorite breaksfast spot up here and then spend the day shopping in some of the little local gems up here. Tonight Barb and Chris will walk the Posada before dinner at the Imperial Hotel.