December 9th, 2018

Minion xmasblue

It seems like we just got here.

Here it is Sunday morning and it's nearly time for us to leave again. Had a nice day yesterday. After breakfast, we stopped in Amador City, pop. 200 and did a bit of shopping. They have a bakery that quite literally has people lined up out the door nearly their entire business day. And it's for good reason. Everything they make is incredible. They supply breads and pastries to all the restaurants around here. While Barb and TBG shopped, I met a lovely white and black cat and I spent a happpy few minutes with him in my lap.

Then it was on to Sutter Creek. It wasn't even 11 yet, but parking wsa already at a premium, especially since the boy scouts blocked off one of the three lots in town. That was not cool. We quite literally shopped until we were ready to drop. Happily there just happend to be a pizzeria right there. I hadn't had pizza since my little bout back in Rome and I was sort of leery, but it went right down.

After that, Barb returend to shopping and we walked back to the hotel. The nice thing about Sutter Creek is that nothing is far from anything there. I took a nearly two-hour nap and woke not feeling happy. My ear was aching and I jsut felt blah. I told Chris that I was going to stay in the room while he and Barb did the Posada. The restuarnt we were going to afterwards was just past the hotel, so they stopped and picked me up. I just didn't think sitting and standing around for two hours in the cold (it was 23 here last night) would have helped my ear.

Instead, I watched some TV, talked with Sparky and just relaxed. Dinner was at the Imperial as always and they caught me up on everything while we drove the two miles there. Our table wasn't quite ready, so we sat at the bar and had a drink while we wiated. Dinner was lovely. I had a New York steak, Barb had a rack of lamb and TBG had chicken paprika. For dessert, there was pear ice cream and pleasant dreams. :D

This morning the ear does seem better. It's oozing less and it's even unplugged a couple of times. Here's hoping it will continue! Hope everyone has a good Sunday ahead!
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