December 10th, 2018

cat in bows

Almost there...

Another thirty five minutes and I will be free. We had about ten minutes of rain this morning, but at least it was enough to shake us free of the fog that had been blanketing the city for the past few days.

Yesterday, TBG decided to try and start the Bronco before jumping it and it started... and it started again this morning. The mechanic has determined its a bad cell in the battery... Really? Anyhow, they are going to do some stuff that will no doubt cost us money, but it should be home tomorrow.

This morning I very responsibly called my NP to schedule a follow up appointment for my ear and was told that she had retired due to a health issue. Just when I'd found someone I really liked. It looks like I will probably end up with one of their other NPs... sigh... At least, the ear is progressing. My hearing is starting to come back. It's not 100% yet, but so much better. I'm thinking another day or so.

Then I got to work and saw mounds of letters that had to be folded and stuffed into envelopes, then sealed. Happily Judy and Lorrie came in to help and then Dennis showed up, so I can officially say those letters rea out of here. One big plate 'o stress removed from my table.

Tonight we will get cookies and cakes ready to plate and send around to people. I am still trying to decide if I am going to do sugar cookies or not. Guess it will depend upon how full the plates are. Then, onto the wrapping!

I hope everyone had a reasonable Monday and that tonight will be pleasant and restful for you.