December 13th, 2018

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On the Second Day of Christmas, Spikey gave to me

Title: Two Aged Spies
Gen: Man from UNCLE
Rating: G
Word Count: 1422
Prompt: Mouth of Babes. The boys run out late on Christmas eve to get a secret gift for the family, and get locked out. Number One, Section One, and Number One, Section Three trying to get back in the house a) quietly, and b) oh, did I mention that Napoleon lost his front door key and Illya’s is right on his dresser. And, look, there’s a ladder.....

sparky955 I hope you enjoy your little gift. Thanks for all your help through out the year!

It was like a high level stake out and Napoleon had to admit that the stakes were just as high. While it used to be about national or even international security, now it was something much more precious. Now it was his granddaughter’s heart.

“Can’t you drive any faster?”

“Given the conditions, you are lucky I haven’t wrapped us around a tree.” His partner-in-arms, Illya Kuryakin kept his attention focused upon the snow-covered road. It had been a while since he’d had to drive in such a bad snowstorm. “Why didn’t you just get one of these back in September when they were everywhere and merchants couldn’t give them away?”

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And in case you missed the first one:

A Time Lord in a Sunnydale Crypt
christmas kittens

How did it get to be Thursday alredy?

Boy, this week has just flown by. I suspect the mailing on Monday helped speed things along. This next week should be pretty busy, too, hopefully with letters and checks coming in (fingers crossed).

The saga of the truck seems to be over for the moment. Another $400 and they swear it's fixed. Sure it is...

Now if only someone would fix my ear. I've been taking all my meds just as prescribed and nothing. My ear is still plugged and I can't hear worth crap. I'm going to a different urgent care center tomorrow in the hopes that it won't take me another four hours to be seen. At least this one has more than one doctor on staff.

We have started delivering our baked goods this week and it's nice to get them on their way. They will be all distributed by the week's end. Now to attack the wrapping and attack is a good word. It's very hard to wrap with five cats and a 'helpful husband. He's trying so hard to help these days and seems to be making things twice as hard. Then he told me that he's off starting this afternoon until after the first of the year... so much for any quiet time for me.

And the parties are getting ready to start. We have one tomorrow night (chef and Irene), Saturday (Barb) and our annual party in mfu_canteen which you are all invited to, Sunday we are doing the wine wall at the theatre and will go out afterwards. Monday is free, Tuesday is our Christmas party. Wednesday we have a party at Jeff's and Thursday is one at Joan's. Friday is open at the moment, but we have a dinner party ourselves on Saturday, then we are out Christmas Eve. Sigh... all in one freaking week... I hope I last that long...

And I hope that you have managed to get through the week in good stead and will have a fun and happily busy weekend to look forward to.

Edited to add - last night, The Boy called and he's coming to see us on the 21st. That's Friday gone...
Thoughtful David McCallum

Just wondering

When you aren't alone, how long could you go without talking?

Do you like electronic candles?

If you were going to a costume party (or fancy dress, if you prefer) and money was no object, what/who would you dress up as?