December 14th, 2018


On the Third Day of Christmas, Spikey gave to me:

Title: Three Gloomy Addams
Genre: The Addams Family
Rating: G
Word count: 1560
Prompt: Omg then YES! I'd like to go for Addams Fam this time, please :D
My favourites were Wednesday (of course) and Morticia and Gomez (so romantic!)

amethyst_witch - I hope you enjoy your bit of Christmas fun. My thanks to sparky955 for her beta

Carefully, Morticia hung the spider from the bare branch of the tree. It was so much easier now that all the needles had fallen off. The spider looked back at Morticia.

“Off you go now.” The spider raced away and Morticia smiled. The tree was coming together wonderfully. It was so gloomy and dismal, just perfect for this time of the year. The branches were trimmed with various ornaments of the season, ghosts, skulls, scythes, monsters and bats while the very top of the tree held a slightly-worn vulture. It was a treasured heirloom handed down from one Addams generation to the next. Once the spiders got busy, the tree would be covered in lovely webs. Nothing said Christmas to Morticia than spider webs.
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Just to blow my horn a little

I love to write. It's one of my earliest memories. I was also fortunate to have encouraging parents who support and encouraged me. While pro writing was okay (but the money mostly sucked), it wasn't fun. For fun, I write fanfic and some original stuff.

Today, I hit a milestone in AO3 - Works (1000). This doesn't count drabbles (there's a couple hundred of those floating around) or any of the plays (only a couple dozen). And for the most part, these are Man from UNCLE or Sapphire and Steel fics. There's some other stuff, of course, but the bulk is MFU. Not bad for someone who was told back in 1980 that she really had no talent for writing Man from UNCLE and that I should leave it to people who knew and understood the characters. Fie on you, unnamed zine editor.

It may not seem like much, but it made me happy.
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The Friday Five for 12-14-18

These questions written by anais_pf, a.k.a., “the mean aunt who gives books as gifts.”

1. Do you enjoy receiving books as holiday or birthday gifts?

2. What book are you reading (or, what is the last book you read)?

3. Are you enjoying (or, did you enjoy) that book? Why or why not?

4. About how many books do you read in an average year?

5. What are some of the books on your to-read pile (or list)?

1. I have always enjoyed getting books as gifts. They always fit and you can use them right away.

2. I'm reading Dance like Everyone is Watching and it's great fun.

3. Yes, it's silly and reminds us just how awkward being 17 is.

4. Golly, a lot depends upon what sort of vacation we take as that's when I do my most reading. I think at least a couple of hundred.

5. The Skeleton Makes a Friend is honestly the only one I remember at the moment.