December 23rd, 2018

Minion xmasblue

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Spikey gave to me:

Title: Twelve Minions Helping
Genre: Despicable Me
Rating: G
Word Count: 1775
Prompt: When Santa's elves are ill, he decides to take on some replacements. Such a bad idea.

reapermum, I hope you enjoy your Christmas fic. Out of all of the very enjoyable prompts, I had the most fun with this one. Again, a tip of the hat to sparky955 for her beta help.

Cough, cough, sniffle.

Achoo! Achoo!

Santa sighed and rubbed his forehead. Usually his factory floor was abuzz with activity at this time of the year, but only a handful of elves soldiered on and none of them sounded anywhere near healthy.

“Why now?” he asked the fat cats that lolled by his stocking feet. For her part, Holly just yawned and rolled over, exposed her tummy to the warm glow of the fire. Tinsel was too lazy to even do that. He snored on.


“Merry, go home and take Happy with you.”
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And just in case you weren't keeping track:

Twelve Minions Helping
Eleven Guests A'knocking
Ten Minutes A'Waiting
Nine Outfits Waiting
Eight Hours Passing
Seven Generations Passing
Six Days Hoing
Five Stolen Things
Four Doting Girls
Three Gloomy Addams
Two Aged Spies
A Time Lord in a Sunnydale Crypt

And this, my friends, is the end of the Twelve Fics of Christmas. I hope you had a good time with the stories and I will see you next year! Merry Christmas!