December 24th, 2018

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A new Foothills tale, just in time for the holidays

Title: Soldiers
Genre: NCIS/ Man From UNCLE (Foothill series)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3537
Prompt: Looking for a place to shelter from a Sierra storm, Tony, Senior, and Tali find a strange harbor with a familiar face.
Dedicated to: bonniejean1953 and maria_priest

I hope you both enjoy your Christmas Eve gift. It was a pleasure to write it for both of you. As always, my thanks to sparky955 for her beta. Link will take you to AO3

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chef cat

Ossi dei Morti: Bones of the Dead

I grew up knowing these as Dead Man's Bones. One of my da's former in-laws would make them. He was married to Rose Bottomini before my mum came along. Rose passed away from cancer and he married my mum, but he never lost his love for Italian everything. These were a fixture and I could never find the right recipe... until now. I found this on Good.Food.Stories
and they are perfect!

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Thoughtful David McCallum

Just wondering

Or not as the case might be. Tonight no questions, but rather a wish that you will have a holiday that will be filled with love, health and warmth.
Know that I cherish each and everyone of you. Be safe and happy.

Merry Christmas!