January 2nd, 2019

Sleeping Illya

Let's just say that I'm glad I have work

Otherwise, I'd get no rest at all.

We had a lovely New Year's Day, full of cleaning (quelle surprise!) and cooking. Thanks to bonniejean1953's lovely gift, we had a feast the likes of which we haven't seen in. We had Barb and Jeff over to help us celebrate.

We opened with Baked Brie and crackers/cucumbers, then Cream of Three Mushroom and Sherry soup, and the entrée - Lobster tails and crab, with potato tureens and a broccoli casserole (which didn't give me gas - yay!) and finished with molten lava cakes with guava and Buro (an Asian version of spumoni ice cream) and berries. We had champagne and Sparkling apple cider for the first two courses and then a nice pinot grigio for the seafood. quite the feast!

The cats celebrate in their usual fashion...

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And just as he was leaving, TBG turned and said, "We should probably get the outside lights down first because of the weather coming in." He's right, as we have storms set to hit us from Saturday to Wednesday. "Of course, we're going to need the room inside to do that..." Yeah, I have my marching orders now.