January 9th, 2019

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This has totally been my week so far. I started with such high hopes and the real problem is that nothing really bad has happened. It's just been little stuff and yet my mood is foul.

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See? Nothing major, just small crap that most weeks wouldn't bother me, but this week are annoying the poochies out of me... I suspect if this had been fifteen years ago, my period would be knocking on the door. Don't you just LOVE hormones (don't feel obliged to answer that)?

At least it's Wednesday...

So wrong it hurts

Quiz: We Can 100% Tell If You're The Oldest, Middle, Or Youngest Child

You're The Oldest Child

You are the oldest child!
You're a natural leader, and an incredibly high achiever. You are also a bit of a people pleaser, and some may say you're bossy but that is because of your authoritarian manner.
You have always been the one to set plans into motion and make sure that they are executed flawlessly. You have always been mature and dependable.
Did we get it right?

My brother is 89
My sister is 77
My deceased brother would have been 75

I'm 60... idiots...
Happy cat

This just in

Araceli took care of little Fox this past weekend. She said he's huge and quite the love bug. She tried to get many photos, but he wouldn't hold still. I'm so happy to hear this. :D

Illya drinking

I love our volunteers

I have been doing a wine wall to raise money to replace the rug in the lobby. I had managed to get wine donated, but it had gotten to the point of only have white wine left. I appealed to the board and Barb immediately donated some and she suggested I drop Carmen an e mail. She is one of our actors, on the artistic committee and a volunteer. She used to work for Woodbridge and I was hoping she could steer me towards some of her contacts. Instead, she offered to bring me four cases... I can't tell you how relieved I am! Our people rock!