January 13th, 2019


Kicking it down like my lizard man

In short, I am Tokyo and this weekend is Godzilla.

Friday was a massive cleaning day. I have come to the understanding that once a week, I must drag out the rug cleaner and have do with all the trouble areas, thanks to Pyewacket. I washed floors, vacuumed, dusted and, of course, cleaned the carpet.

Up in the bedroom, I discovered that the boy cats had been having fun with one of our shelves and the end result was that about sixty books got thrown in the trash due to be being stained, stinky and stuck together. The fact that I handed looked at any of them in nearly ten years made it just a little better. I would have preferred to have donated them, but they were beyond that. I scrubbed and sanitized the shelf, so I'm hoping that will prevent future visits. I don't know why it suddenly started to smell, but I was glad to get it cleaned up.

Friday night we went out with our friends to Mezzo, a sweet little strip mall restaurant. My salmon was very tasty and TBG had a ricotta, porcini mushroom and lemon zest ravioli that was equally good. We ended up being too stuffed for even coffee. Jeff is looking very good and he says he's feeling pretty good. Best of all, the tumor has reduced by half. We are very hopeful.

Saturday was our big shopping day. We ventured out to Walmart for cat food and paper products, plus I need laundry soap. Then it was to TJ's to shop, over to Safeway to get what we couldn't at TJs, then Target for some Duraflame logs (I had coupons), Angkor for veggies, and to Barb's and then Jeff's to drop off some cookies. By the time we got home, I was whipped. Then, of course, we had to carry everything in and put it away.

Naptime, except TBG decided it was time to vacuum upstairs. Whee, so while he did that, I prepped lunch (rigatoni Bolognese) and then finally, finally it was time for a nap, but I hadn't cleared it with the cats. Jenny let me sleep for about fifteen minutes.

After that, it was time to tackle the outside as it was a bright sunny day - our last for a week. I swept, raked and cleaned up the front and the back.

Dragging now... it was time to wash windows (there's nothing like a sunny day to show you how dirty your windows are) and after that, I started prepping for dinner (Big Island Tri Tip, sweet potato fries, onion rings and Chinese broccoli). After dinner, we finished a movie and the evening finished me, I fell asleep by 6:30.

Waking up, I grabbed a couple of tangerines and headed for bed to read. It wasn't long before the sleepies overtook me. Only for me to wake up with a raging sinus headache. Yay, pressure systems. The medicine I took gave me bizarre dreams and even in the dreams, I had a headache.

This morning it's better, but I think a nap is going to be soon needed. At least it's a quiet day ahead... please?

I hope your weekend is equally tromp worthy with you doing the crunching.
Thoughtful David McCallum

Just wondering

Are you related or distantly related to anyone famous? (Just Herman Melville)

What makes you laugh the most? (Either the cats or TBG)

What's your favorite family tradition? (Do we have any traditions? I'm not sure we do...)