January 20th, 2019

chef cat

So we are having Restaurant Week here.

Many of our local restaurants are featuring special menus because of it. Last night we went back to Kitchen at Stone Briar to try out theirs. We started out at Barbs. I made mushrooms Leilani (mushrooms stuff with ground pork, water chestnuts, garlic and then baked in a chicken/soy sauce broth) and some mini shrimp egg rolls and spicy shrimp won tons.

It wasn't exactly as posted, but it was sure tasty...

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Not bad for $30 a person...
Thoughtful David McCallum

Just wondering

What three seasonings (herbs, spices, catsup, whatever) do you usually have on hand? (pepper, red pepper flakes and sweet soy sauce)

What three pieces of your clothing do you love the most? (my sweat pants, my denim shirt that once belonged to Linda, my Mt. Holyoke sweatshirt)

What three sounds do you really not enjoy hearing? (car alarms, an injured or scared animal, people screaming at each other)