January 24th, 2019

Sapphire and Steel2

A Sapphire and Steel/Torchwood cross.

Title: Faceless
Genre: Sapphire and Steel, Torchwood
Word count: 2921
Rating: PG

For sallymn, who really knew a faceless doll once. Thanks for letting me use this! And to my beloved beta, sparky955, who tries to keep up with my typos.

“HONEY, the mail’s here!”

Cindy’s head bobbed up. Daddy sounded happy. That must mean no damned bills. At three, almost four, she didn’t really know what damned bills were exactly, but she knew it made Daddy sad and sometimes angry.

“Anything good?” Mommy’s voice sounded hopeful. “Like maybe your paycheck?”

“It’s here. The rest is mostly catalogues and a big package.”

“A package?”

“Yeah, it’s addressed to The Birthday Girl.”

“It must be Alicia. She never forgets.”

“She spoils her. I thought she was in Alaska now.”

“She is. It’s weird. She told me she was going to wait until she came back. Guess she changed her mind.”

“How like her.” Daddy sounded a little mad. Daddy didn’t like Alicia very much.
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Thoughtful David McCallum

Just wondering

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie; That's amore! Pizza is love, at least for most folks.

What is your favorite style or pizza - thin crust, thick, stuffed, Chicago, New York, etc? (thin,usually)

When was that last time you went out for pizza? (Dec 8th, in Sutter Creek)

Would you ever go to a pizza parlor and order something other than pizza? (not as a rule)